State of Texas Advanced Resource Recovery (STARR)

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The STARR Mission

The STARR mission is to conduct geoscience & engineering research to increase the production and profitability of earth resources, including oil, natural gas, hydrogen, geothermal and minerals, within the State of Texas while encouraging responsible economic development and supporting education and environmental stewardship.

Starr Mission





Oil and Gas Map of Texas 2022






Texas produces more oil and natural gas than any other state. In 2021, Texas produced 1.73 billion barrels of oil and 6.7 trillion cubic feet of gas. No other state, or other region worldwide, has been as heavily explored or drilled for oil and natural gas as Texas. In September 2022, 172,645 active oil wells and 98,878 active gas wells were producing oil and natural gas in the state (Railroad Commission of Texas).

The philosophy of the STARR program is to work with energy operators in the State of Texas to:

  • Encourage exploration in under-developed areas or new plays
  • Exploit conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources
  • Deploy advanced recovery strategies and newly developed technologies on a field-by-field basis to ensure maximum recovery efficiency
  • Identify new opportunities for the development of emerging energies in Texas

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